Hasselhoff recently impressed the jury of the British celebrity version of the talent show “” X-Factor “” with her self-confidence.

Hasselhoff recently impressed the jury of the British celebrity version of the talent show “” X-Factor “” with her self-confidence.

I remember who I am and that it’s not my body that defines it. “”

Learning from the spotlight

Hasselhoff recently impressed the jury of the British celebrity version of the talent show “” X-Factor “” with her self-confidence. She sang Lewis Capaldi’s “” Someone You Loved “” passionately. – Not for the first time, because eight years ago she founded the singing duo Bella Vida with her sister Taylor and even accompanied the number one hit singer, Papa David, on tour. She was also familiar with the cameras due to her acting experience: at the age of seven, Hayley starred in the paternal hit series “Baywatch”, and later got a role in the TV format “” Huge “”.

She generously comments that she was still not elected to the finals. “” I haven’t sung since 2011 and it was exciting to go beyond my comfort zone for the show. It was fun, “” says Hasselhoff, who lives in Great Britain with her boyfriend, British photographer Dominic Charles Farrell. It appears reconciled with any external assessment. She taught life to deal with this, too. “” Every person who is part of this industry and every person who is publicly humiliated is ultimately human, “” she says in the “” Stylebook “” conversation. “” I learned to see him because I grew up with someone who is so famous and in the spotlight. “”

That the advice of his father Hayley led to today’s career is the greatest success for both Hasselhoffs.

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A lack of structures in terms of responsibilities, inadequate medical and therapeutic care for ballet students and a lack of awareness of the problem with regard to child protection and child welfare: this is the devastating conclusion of the special commission to clarify the allegations at the Ballet Academy of the Vienna State Opera, which presented its final report today, Tuesday Has.

In its written report, the commission sees “” a risk to the well-being of the children “due to the inadequately controlled overall exposure of the young dancers resulting from training, rehearsals, performances, competitions and school attendance. A further complicating factor is the lack of a child protection officer who is not subject to instructions.adn 123 Regarding measures already taken by the Ballet Academy, the final report, which was presented at the University of Music and Performing Arts, says: The steps taken gave the “” impression that although work is being carried out on various points, there is still a lack of a comprehensible overall concept. “. The fundamental recommendation of the commission is therefore “” aimed at developing a strategy for contemporary (classical) ballet training at the highest level, taking into account the needs of potential students and the (school) legal framework in Austria “”.

Student humiliated

The commission was set up in April by the then Minister of Culture Gernot Blümel (ÖVP) after serious allegations had previously been made against the Ballet Academy. Primarily by a ballet teacher who has meanwhile been dismissed, the students were partly humiliated, exposed to violence and drill as well as an unhealthy body image. The allegation of sexual assault by a teacher was also in the room.

20 people placed in advisory bodies

Overall, the commission, which was initially headed by the now Federal Chancellor Brigitte Bierlein and then replaced by Susanne Reindl-Krauskopf, Head of the Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology at the University of Vienna, met 16 times and spoke to 24 respondents. 43 people reported to the established clearing office, with 20 people being referred to advisory bodies. After the interim report published in July, a final assessment is now available. Although numerous changes have been made by the Ballet Academy since the start of the work of the special commission in April, “” both the approach and the content of the measures taken give the commission the impression that the motivation for these changes is not primarily for the good of the children and Young people apply “”, it says in summary.

Criticism of a lack of awareness of the problem

The list of the shortcomings of the Ballet Academy identified by the special commission is long: In the area of ​​the examined structures, for example, “” blurring responsibilities between the management of the Ballet Academy, artistic management of the Ballet Academy and the management of the State Opera “” have been identified, the management style is “” non-transparent and not -Participative “” described.

Quality assurance “” only extremely poor to nonexistent “”

In addition, “” the artistic director of the ballet academy is seldom present at the ballet academy and almost never in class. A “” sustainable quality assurance “” at the academy “” is extremely poor or even non-existent “”, tasks and responsibilities “” cannot be clearly assigned “”, which is why decision-making processes “” are not clearly comprehensible “”. “If you rely on each other, nobody feels responsible for the structures, processes and the further development of the system”, criticized Commissioner Susanne Reindl-Krauskopf at a press conference. At the State Opera, “” it was assumed that tasks would be delegated and it would be done. That was part of the problem. Because the management of the Ballet Academy assumed that things can only be changed if it is ordered from above “”.

Missing criteria for exams

Criticisms include missing criteria for exams or for the admission procedure for new teachers. The findings with regard to the medical-therapeutic care of the students are particularly blatant, which is described as “” inadequate “”. The Ballet Academy lacks a corresponding “” awareness of one’s own responsibility in health issues “”, there is no reliable plan of action for medical incidents, no “” easily accessible “” pediatrician and “” no one tailored to the needs of ballet dancers Nutrition””. Furthermore, the position of the masseur is vacant.

“Children are not protected to the necessary extent”

There is also a “” lack of awareness of the problem with regard to child protection and child welfare, especially at management level. For the special commission it is therefore certain “” that the protection of children and young people from discrimination, neglect and health impairment does not take place to the necessary extent “”. A “” lack of awareness of border crossings “” is also expressed in “” humiliating comments “”, the type of measures taken to eat, “” (supposedly) aesthetic requirements “” and an “” underdeveloped communication structure on the part of some ballet teachers “” . The lack of a child protection officer who is not subject to instructions adds to the problem. This leads to the conclusion that it is now a matter of “” transferring this training into the 21st century.

So far only individual measures

Regarding the previous measures of the Ballet Academy, Commissioner Susanne Reindl-Krauskopf said at the press conference that these were basically to be welcomed, but that they were individual measures: “” That is more to combat symptoms, but it needs an overall concept. ” the future an “” innovative management “” of the ballet academy, which also “” acts independently when it comes to future improvements and changes “”. On the political side, they want “” a clear commitment to the reorientation, not only from the Ministry of Culture, but also from the Ministry of Education “”.

A change in leadership could be an opportunity

The commission sees an opportunity in the upcoming change in leadership at the Vienna State Opera, which, with Bogdan Roscic as State Opera Director as well as a new ballet director, provides opportunities to implement the recommendations. “” You should use the time frame for restructuring and implement the measures in close coordination with the designated management. “” At APA’s request, whether there should also be a change at the top of the Ballet Academy, which is currently headed by Simona Noja-Nebyla , replied Reindl-Krauskopf: “” As I said: We believe that a new, innovative line is needed. Otherwise it would be difficult to break open stuck structures. “” Regarding the ultimate responsibility of State Opera Director Dominique Meyer, she said that of course he could not have had everything personally in view, but that his control function was “” insufficiently “” exercised.

Schallenberg sees “” an urgent need for action “”

Art and Culture Minister Alexander Schallenberg sees “” an “urgent need for action”, as stated in a statement sent to the APA. “” The processing of the shocking conditions concerning the Ballet Academy by an independent commission of experts has proven to be correct and essential. “”

The findings and recommendations of the special commission that have now been presented would indicate “” clear fields of action “that need to be dealt with as soon as possible and without compromise,” “said the minister. The responsible management level of the State Opera must be “” fully aware of the seriousness and scope of the issue. That is why the minister will hold talks with the people involved before Christmas.

Measures implemented so far

As can be seen from the answer to a parliamentary question by Culture Minister Alexander Schallenberg, the Ballet Academy has already implemented or initiated a number of measures since the commission’s investigations began. This includes, for example, the involvement of the child protection organization “” Die Möwe “” and the establishment of a coordination office within the State Opera.

The current situation is analyzed

In addition to the accompaniment of the processing by “” Die Möwe “” provided by psychologists, the new “” Ballet Academy Coordination Office “analyzed” the actual situation “” within the State Opera “and” “accompanies the implementation and development of measures, coordinated the cooperation with the external institutions and has taken over a general control function on behalf of the management of the Vienna State Opera “”. In addition, with the 2019/20 school year a code of conduct based on the example of “” 100% Sport “” was introduced, in which “” the principles regarding the correct treatment of the students of the Ballet Academy were “” laid down. This would be brought to the attention of all employees of the Ballet Academy and signed by everyone.

Psychologists with special training are involved

Since the end of October, two female psychologists “” with special training and experience in the field of child and adolescent psychology as well as high-performance sports have been permanently integrated into the ballet academy. It is planned – also in cooperation with “” die Möwe “” – to create a comprehensive child protection concept. In addition, a child protection team consisting of one employee from the Ballet Academy and the two psychologists working at the Ballet Academy was installed. There was also “” basic training “” for all employees, and further steps to implement the child protection concept are planned in a step-by-step plan.

New subject “” Health Program “”

As far as the health criticisms are concerned, the new subject “Health Program” was introduced with the help of the organization ““ Performance Sport Austria ”“ and the psychologists working in the Ballet Academy Body awareness cover. In addition, the students are offered physiotherapeutic treatment and massages tailored to competitive athletes in the premises of the Ballet Academy. A pilot project was developed for the 2019/2020 school year, “” which provides for a comprehensive medical examination of all students, including a physiological check, anthropometry, nutrition and psychological testing “”.

The aim is “” to record the current situation and to acquire knowledge from it for the pupils (and their parents), the teachers and the ballet academy, so that the training, teaching and medical care better meet the requirements of the pupils can be coordinated and any weaknesses and problems of individual pupils can be recognized in good time. “” In addition, work is being carried out on the creation of a sports medicine entrance test for future pupils.

We are working on improving communication

Further measures include the “” intensification and improvement of communication with parents and external institutions “”, changes in the administration of the ballet academy including the development of quality management, the development of a “” modern student administration program “” and “” promotion of advanced training for teachers “”.

“… that the motivation for these changes is not primarily for the well-being of children and young people”

In its final report, the examination commission referred to the measures, but stated that the “” approach and the content of the measures taken gave the commission the impression that the motivation for these changes was not primarily for the well-being of the children and young people applies “”.

Reduced the number of children’s appearances

In addition to the steps already taken in a parliamentary response to a query, the State Opera also mentions the reduction in the number of performances by the students. As an immediate measure, the overall exposure of the students was checked and the number of appearances was reduced, according to the statement, which otherwise lists all the other actions already mentioned in the response to the inquiry by Culture Minister Alexander Schallenberg. In the division, more attention is now paid to the level of training and individual workload.